Phi Hotel Bologna

Boutique Hotel

Phi Hotel Bologna is a romantic 4 ★ hotel in the center of the city, that boasts over 600 years of hospitality.

The Phi Hotel Bologna is a romantic 4-star hotel in the center of the city, that boasts over 600 years of hospitality. Originally built as a tavern in the 14th century, today it’s a boutique hotel combining history, technology, and design. Its position makes it possible to explore the whole historic center of Bologna on foot: churches and museums, historic markets, elegant stores, enchanting alleyways, and hidden spots ready to be discovered. Standing since the very beginning on the central but quiet Via de’ Fusari, it’s the oldest place in Bologna devoted to hospitality.

Boutique Hotel Bologna

Seventeenth-century records mention the inn as the best place to stay in Bologna

The hotel began as the Capel Rosso tavern, built by the Bishop of Bologna Nicolò Albergati to provide Jews with a safe haven as they traveled through Bologna. It later served as lodgings for artists and architects involved in constructing the Basilica of San Petronio and was marked by an unusual cardinal's hat, as it was commissioned by Cardinal Albornoz. In 1464 the structure containing the hotel was purchased by the famous professor Andrea Barbazza of the University of Bologna, who rented it to an innkeeper called Bertuccini in 1467.

When it was managed by Alfonso Cappelli at the turn of the last century, it was considered a historic hotel and restaurant renowned for its comfort. A careful restoration project carried out in 2001 led to the creation of specially themed rooms designed and decorated by internationally renowned artists and set designers, making it one of Bologna's most prestigious hotels, perfect for those who appreciate beauty, art, history, and the good life.

Boutique Hotel

Phi Hotel Bologna is located in the center of town, just a short distance away from Piazza Maggiore. It has 33 rooms, each of which is unique and based on a specific theme, designed and decorated by artists and cartoonists of the Bil Bol Bul Festival.

A short walk away from the hotel, we also have 8 apartments of various sizes, equipped with all comforts necessary for an enjoyable, relaxing stay. The apartments in Piazza dei Celestini are located near the home of Italian musician and singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla, with the mural depicting him.

The hotel offers a restaurant service: Atipico Osteria is the Atipico Food Experience site in Bologna, the perfect place to enjoy typical, authentic products of Bolognese cuisine.

A few steps away from the Osteria is the Atipico Bottega: the artisanal shop offering handmade egg pasta and pastries, where you can purchase local regional products and try your hand at making fresh pasta with the mini-courses” and tastings.

Phi Hotel Bologna is the ideal place to stay for those who wish to dive into the history and charm of this ancient Italian city.

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